Conscious Farming From The Ground Up

Ground level view of Walkover Micro farm soil

As a micro farm/urban farm we cannot compete with large scale farms on the aspect of quantity because that would be impossible. Where we can compete and surpass large scale farms is in the area of QUALITY. At Walkover Micro Farm we are able to grow high quality, fresh, organically grown produce without the use of pesticides or synthetic chemical fertilizers because of the small size of our farming area.

Each day we can physically walk the entire Walkover Micro Farm area and personally look for things like an infestation of pests or weeds germinating. We can also check and see if individual plants are in good health and if they are getting enough water. If weeds are invading a certain area they can be pulled out by hand or removed with a tool without using chemical herbicides. If a plant is infested with pests, it can be promptly removed without having to spray synthetic pesticides. Synthetic pesticides and herbicides as well as fungicides are absorbed by the plants and can also poison the soil for future generations of plants. We never have and never will use any of these kinds of substances. They are harmful to the environment and to the people who consume the produce that has been sprayed with them. Besides that they are just plain UN-necessary.

At Walkover Micro Farm a tremendous amount of time and effort has been spent building the quality of our soil. This eliminates the need to make up for a lack of nutrients in the soil by using synthetic chemical fertilizers. In turn the high quality of our soil provides the nutrients to grow high quality produce in a natural way. To maximize the benefit of growing in high quality soil, filtered water is also used to water all crops. We do our very best to grow the highest quality produce that we can grow. This is what is meant by “Conscious Farming From The Ground Up”.

  • Build The Soil
  • Use Good Quality Seeds/Starter Plants
  • Use Only Filtered Water
  • NO Synthetic Sprays Or Fertilizers

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